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Wow! Spring is here! It is April! Life is really different from the last time I posted a recipe here. Friends have gotten engaged, friends have had babies (ok well one friend had one baby), big life choices have been made. It’s all happening all at once and I am in it. So I’ve had […]

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raw kale salad ingredients

Hi friends. I made this recipe a few weeks ago and now that I am revisiting these pictures, I am mourning the loss of a large part of my winter garden due to unseasonably cold temps. I have some raised beds that are winterized enough for a typical Eugene, OR winter. But thus far, November […]

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This mac and cheese is where it is at y’all. Why you ask? Because 1. parsnips rock and 2. gouda cheese is like a dream come true. These sweet little parsnips grew up in my garden over the summer. They take forever to grow (planted them in early March and didn’t harvest them until late […]

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pear and pancakes

Wow! I have not had the chance to post in way too long! I can attribute this long absence to 1) my partner’s purchase of a home and our subsequent moving into it and 2) starting a brand new position with a local nonprofit (I get to teach kiddos about local food systems through trips […]

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The Tuesday farm meal tradition continued this week with the help of our trusty tomato plants. These plants just don’t stop. As you can see from the photo below, we have a wide assortment of heirlooms growing this year. That purple beauty in the middle is a variety called Indigo Rose and we picked some […]

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ingredients for rr

I am so glad you clicked through because I have to be honest…this is definitely a “ratatouille” “risotto.” A handful of liberties have been taken in the making of these two classics. Fun liberties, though, like barley instead of arborio rice and purple cauliflower instead of eggplant. So this was definitely one of those dishes […]

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straight up fig

This past weekend could only be described as a fig extravaganza. Friends that live in the neighborhood have a giant, gorgeous fig tree in their backyard and were kind enough to share. I suppose there is an upper limit to how many figs you can eat in one summer; however, I haven’t ever been lucky […]

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fawaffle final

Happiness is great falafel. Wise words, friends…very wise. But you know what is kind of hard about falafel? Cooking it. This is especially true if you aren’t an avid deep fryer. I’ve tried pan frying falafel. I’ve tried baking falafel. In fact, falafel is one dish that I have fallen flat on my face trying […]

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Hello all! At the farm the week, we decided that we needed both veggies and dessert. Also, folks at the farm have a few dietary restrictions including being a vegan and a gluten-freegan and I wanted us to be able to enjoy this veggie dessert together…so this pudding was born. Carrot, coconut, crystallized ginger, apricot, […]

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purslane salad

So…yes…purslane is a weed. But it is a wonderful, delicious weed that I happen to grow on purpose in a previously unused corner of my yard. Its status as a weed means that it is ridiculously easy to grow; just make sure you plant it somewhere that can be taken over by this vigorous plant.It […]

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eggs and potatoes finished

Beet greens are unsung heroes of the garden, so please don’t throw them away! Make these breakfast potatoes with them instead. Treat beet greens the way that you would treat Swiss Chard; they are closely related plants and have a very similar taste and texture profile. So buying or growing beets is a two for […]

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This has got to be one of my absolute favorite go to meals. Just combine grilled cheese (literally), fresh cubes of grilled bread and whatever good looking vegetables you have on hand and throw it onto the grill with a little bit of a tangy marinade and you are good to go! Halloumi cheese is […]

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2013-07-23 14.39.15

Yesterday I made fresh rolls with some friends. It was like eating summer in a rice paper wrapper! These are so easy to make. They take little to no cooking and can be made as a snack, an appetizer or even a meal if you throw some protein into the mix (I love adding tofu). […]

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Broccoli and wheat berry salad with dried cranberries, caramelized walla walla onions and a lemony coriander vinaigrette. YUM!  I am so excited to be posting recipes every Tuesday developed specifically from the gorgeous produce that makes up the weekly CSA shares at the Laurel Valley Education Farm where I am interning for the summer. I […]

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swiss chard

Swiss chard…a dazzling specimen of a vegetable. Every time I look at this green, I smile.  I mean who doesn’t love a bright pink or neon yellow veggie? In thinking about a recipe for this stuff, my mind went to the polenta I had in the cupboard from our staple share CSA (beans and grains) […]

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Howdy! I wanted to share this super quick meal from a few nights ago. I have lettuce coming out of my ears from this garden and I didn’t want to make just another standard salad. Then I thought of lettuce wraps. Good idea I told myself!Seeds for this lettuce were purchased from Territorial Seed Company […]

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saag paneer

MUSTARD GREENS! Look at this ungodly quantity of mustard greens; no joke I harvested three pounds of this stuff from about twelve plants a few days ago.   I don’t know how but the soil, sun and water in this particular area of the yard produced the most perfect conditions for prolific mustard green growth (read […]

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Well today is Mother’s Day, a wonderful spring holiday indeed! Since my mom lives across the country and I can’t make her brunch for real, I thought I’d do it here. I love cooking for my mom. Always encouraging and adventurous, she makes me feel like a million dollars when I have to opportunity to […]

cilatnro plant

So much cilantro! A warm and sunny day in late February prompted me to throw some coriander seeds (when it’s a seed call it coriander, when it’s a fresh herb call it cilantro) into one of the raised beds in the yard. I honestly did not think anything would survive but it was so warm that […]

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Welcome to this sweet little baby blog! This is a project that I have certainly let sit on the back burner for far too long. Since I frame a fair amount of my existence around food (how to grow it, procure it ethically and cook it deliciously), I really wanted to find a creative outlet […]